The importance of graphics in developing brand awareness can be summed up briefly: pictures speak louder than words. With a well-designed logo or symbol, it will say more about your brand than a page long ad full of text, and far more effectively at that.

Apple Logo

Visuals Matter

Take a look at some of the most successful companies in the world like Apple, McDonald’s and Coke: part of the reason they are where they are is people recognize their logos and what it stands for. Graphics, when done properly, leads to an instant connection between the brand and the consumer, which is what all businesses want.

What Makes for an Effective Logo?

What works for one company won’t necessarily do for another, but regardless what the graphics is, it must be direct to the point. If you look at popular brand logos, you’ll notice that most are simple but convey action.

nike logo

The swoosh in Nike for instance, is ideal since they’re selling shoes, while the Apple logo signifies not just apples, but ideas (i.e., Newton’s apple), while Twitter’s logo signifies speed, which is symbolic of how fast the network relays messages.

What all this means is you cannot raise brand awareness without using graphics, as it’s way more effective than text. A visually appealing logo will make it easier for people to identify your brand and consequently, you can use that to reach out to them more easily. When it comes to brand awareness, there is nothing more important than communication, and graphics help you do that.